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Who are we?

Many years ago, Russell Springsteen was cutting hair for a living and had a vision to combine his passion for brewing beer with his trade. He ended up in Traverse City, Michigan and opened a successful salon.

In 2007, Russell opened a brewery and pub in Traverse City's Warehouse District--making the creative type of beer that he always wanted. He successfully operated both businesses for years, but has since moved locations and sold the salon.

The pub and production facility is now located on 16th Street in Traverse City's SoFo District. Right Brain's Pub has 30+ beers on tap at all times, and the eclectic look and feel inside is popular with beer lovers of all ages. With over 150,000 visitors a year, the pub is family friendly with a connection to the local community.

Right Brain also produces and sells beer on draft and in packages (cans) that are distributed to hundreds of retail accounts across the entire state of Michigan.

Family owned and operated, Right Brain Brewery crafts innovative, award-winning beers and proudly serves them in our eclectic pub located in Traverse City. While we do have a popular lineup of traditional Ambers, Pales, Stouts and IPAs, we’re also known for many unique beers with ingredients like cucumber, asparagus, mint, or real cherry pie! We use only natural ingredients and buy local whenever possible. With over 30 craft beers, alongside wine, cider, and meads, and over 30 vintage arcade games and pinball machines, there’s something for everyone at Right Brain. Not every new beer we brew is successful, but we prefer to always push the boundaries. We're up for the challenge! Join us and Keep Beer Curious!