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Food Menu


GF? Ask which items can be made gluten-free!

Snacks & Late Night

PLOUGHMAN'S LUNCH  - ham, cheeses, pickles, pickled egg, and mustard, served w/ crackers  9

CHIPS & DIP - v - each served w/ La Fiesta Chip Co. tortilla chips 

salsa  6   

guacamole  7

SMOKED WHITEFISH DIP - Luminous Lemon Ale & dill cream cheese w/ Dead Kettle pickles.  Served w/ crackers  9

Hand-Cut Fries

BASKET - salted w/ malt vinegar and mayonnaise or ketchup on the side  6 

LOADED - beer cheese sauce, cherrywood smoked bacon, & green onions  9

POUTINE - hand-cut fries, cheese curds, green onion w/ choice of gravy:

Northern Hawk Owl Amber Ale braised beef shoulder gravy  10

Midnight Rendezvous Black Ale mushroom gravy - v - 10


Served with Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. Original Potato Chips

CUBAN - Who Gose There mojo pork, smoked ham, Dead Kettle IPA dill pickles, mustard, and swiss cheese  10

BLACK BEAN BURGER - v - House-made white cheddar cheese, haystack onions, CEO Stout BBQ sauce, on brioche  12

MUSHROOM SANDWICH - v - Midnight Rendezvous Black Ale braised portobello cap and swiss cheese w/ Cake Walk caramelized onions on brioche bun  9    

PULLED PORK - CEO Stout BBQ sauce and blue cheese slaw on a toasted brioche bun  11    Add house-made pickles  +1


Served on a pretzel bun with Irish Goodbye Red Ale mustard and Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. Original Chips

BACON & CHEESE DOG - cherrywood smoked bacon-wrapped 100% Angus beef hot dog with Dead Kettle IPA pickle and Irish Goodbye mustard on a toasted pretzel bun w/ white Amercian cheese  7

BRATWURST - Burritt’s Fresh Market's ⅓ lb. fresh bratwurst poached in Chubby Squirrel Spiced Amber Ale w/ Cake Walk caramelized onions and Irish Goodbye mustard  9

POLISH - Burritt's smoked Polish sausage with Irish Goodbye mustard  9

APPLE BACON CHEDDAR - cider-poached Burritt's fresh chicken sausage with Cake Walk onions and Irish Goodbye mustard  9


MOOMER's CEO STOUT ICE CREAM - CEO Stout base, Mel's Toffee CEO Stout Toffee, Oreo bits  4

Kids Menu 

GAME DAY: KIDS EAT 1/2 OFF* TC Central, TC West, TC St. Francis home games. kids menu only.

GRILLED CHEESE - v - white American cheese on Texas toast  5

HAM & CHEESE - smoked ham and white American cheese on Texas toast  6

HOT DOG - grilled 100% Angus beef dog  4

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

SIDE dip

BEER CHEESE - v - house-made beer cheese sauce  1.25

RANCH SIDE - v - buttermilk ranch dressing  .50


Hand-crafted sodas with REAL fruit syrups made in house!

Mixed berry   |  Cherry   |  Lemon lime  |  Vanilla lime       

$2  16 oz pint  or  try (2) 8 oz 1/2 pints for $2



Rotating slider. Every Monday.  $3 each.

Delicious possibilities: Beef slider, white cheddar, Cake Walk caramelized onions  OR  Black bean slider, white cheddar  OR  Smoked pork slider w/ CEO Stout bbq sauce & bleu cheese slaw   


Tasty tacos every Tuesday.  $2 each. 

Rotating choices include: Chorizo & Potato, Black Bean & salsa verde, OR Smoked Pork & salsa verde.  Get on over here!  Subscribe to our Instagram for a glimpse.


Northern Hawk Owl braised beef gravy, hand-cut fries & cheese curds + a Right Brain Signature pint.  Vegetarian version avail. w/ Midnight Rendezvous mushroom gravies. Every Wednesday.  $10


100% Beef dog. Flint-style beef coney sauce. Straight up classic. Every Thursday.  $3