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Bottles & Cans

Our beer is available at Right Brain Brewery and across the state of Michigan.

12 oz Bottles - 6 Packs


Blue Magic (seasonal)

Lavender Cream Ale. Available April - July

Cake Walk

Vanilla Cream Ale

Concrete Dinosaur

Brown Rye IPA

Chubby Squirrel (Seasonal)

Spiced Amber Ale. Available August - November

Naughty Girl Stout (Seasonal)

Chocolate Mint Stout. Available November - March


Spinal tapper

Double IPA

22 oz bottles


Mangalitsa Pig Porter

Porter Brewed with Smoked Mangalitsa Pig Parts


Thai peanut

Spicy Brown Ale


Irish Goodbye

Red Ale






Fire Starter

Chipotle Porter



Spiny Norman

IPA w/ 100% Simcoe hops


   Fat Lad

     Russian Imperial Stout 


Imperial ceo 

Imperial Coffee Stout


broken nose 

Double IPA


















*Please note that our 22 oz bottle availability changes throughout the year. Please call ahead to ensure we have your favorite beers in stock: 231-944-1239