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What's On Tap?

Updated  5/23/2022 

All beers subject to change!



new growlers $35    refills $30     Member refills $11.50

Rum D Yum C

Imperial Brown Ale aged 90 days in rum barrels. Added lactose brings the sweetness, kinda like a Rum & Cola.        8%        12oz      $9.50

oh sherrie

Cream Ale aged 90 days in a sherry barrel with cherry juice added in the Brite tank. Dry finish with hints of sherry.      6.5%     12oz     $9.50

barrel aged igor takes a digger

Barrel aged Imperial Brown aged in maple bourbon barrels. Big Brown Ale with hints of oak and bourbon.             8.5%     12oz     $9.50

barrel aged blue magic

Lavender Cream Ale aged in a maple gin barrel. Very floral with a hint of gin.      6%      12oz      $9.50

barrel aged fat lad

Imperial Stout aged in maple bourbon barrels. Sweet and chocolaty with hints of oak and bourbon.          10%       12oz     $9.50              

Gin Joy ale

Imperial Cream Ale with vanilla beans, aged for 60 days in Grand Traverse Distillery gin barrels. Very smooth and light in color.        9.5%       12oz      $9.50

strawberry sugar high

Strawberry cheesecake sour. Brewed with real strawberries, graham cracker crumbs, cream cheese and a touch of lactose sugar. You just want to taste it.       6%      12oz       $7.50

sour owl

It's Northern Hawk Owl, but aged and soured in whiskey barrels.       7%      12oz      $9.75

free play IPA

Loaded with citra hop goodness!        7.3%      16oz      $7.50

but We didn't say fudge

Light-bodied stout infused with Kilwin's chocolate fudge.  Mmm, chocolaty!     5.5%       12oz     $7.50

pig porter

Our award-winning porter is back--smoky, smooth, and rich. Made with smoked pig heads and bones, it's something to savor.      7%    12oz     $9.75     NEW GROWLER PRICE $50

looping owl 

Northern Hawk Owl aged in Grand Traverse Distillery whiskey barrels.  Warming, vanilla, oak.   7%   12oz   $9.75

who gose there cherry lime 

Gose made w/salt & lime. Tart and freshing.   4.5%  16oz   $7.25

deader kettle (currently gone--back soon)

Balanced Double IPA with grapefruit notes, ample malt, and a pleasant bitterness. Brewed with Centennial and Citra hops, dry hopped with Citra.     8.5%    12oz    $7.25

social Probation hazy 

Juicy New England style IPA. Made with Amarillo, Simcoe, Calypso, and local Chinook hops. 7.0%    16oz   $7.50


Brown ale w/ peanut butter, Thai chili, coconut & lime -- Pad Thai in a glass. A fan favorite!   7.9%   12oz   $7.50


new growlers $30   refills $22   Member refills $11.50    
Pints $7    stein (22oz)  $9

spiny norman 

Clean, sharp, vibrant. Simcoe hops produce a piney and citrus finish. A staff favorite.   6.2%   58 IBU  

concrete dinosaur  

Brown Rye IPA. Giant notes of rye accented by subtle citrus undertones. Silver Medal Winner for Best Rye Beer at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.    7.2%  60 IBU

ring finger

Session IPA. Easy-drinking, crushable.   3.8%  40 IBU

spinal crusher  

Double IPA w/Calypso & Amarillo hops. Balanced.  7.5%  55 IBU

dead kettle 

Sharp. Clean. Grapefruit.  5.8%  70 IBU


new growlers $25   refills $18  Member refills $10.50 
PInts $6.50    stein (22oz)  $8.50

orange you curious

Back by popular demand and perfect for when Spring finally arrives, this ale brewed with wheat malt and fresh orange zest features a mildly fruity aroma with hints of citrus.      4.5%

el cougre

A light and crisp lager made with lime and Mexican sea salt. Named in honor of some random graffiti in the employee bathroom. Rowr!     4.8%

fire starter 

A roasty, medium-bodied porter made with chipotle peppers. Features strong smoky notes & a mild spicy finish.    6.2%

naughty girl stout

We don't always use the words "sensual" and "full-bodied," but when we do, it's to describe Naughty Girl Stout. Made with chocolate malt and real peppermint for a cool, chocolaty experience.    5.8%

flying squirrel (currently gone--back soon)

A traditional American Brown Ale with chocolate and roasty notes and a mild hop finish.   5.7%

Spear beer (currently gone--back soon)

Welcome back spring and welcome back Spear Beer, a light-bodied, hazy, straw-colored ale with earthy, nutty, and sweet notes imparted by real roasted asparagus.      3.9% 

will power

One of Right Brain's most sessionable beers. Made with local Cascade hops. Effervescent, light in color, with mildly hoppy notes.    4.5%

Midnight Rendezvous 

A light-bodied Black Ale. Very easy to drink with a complex malt character and an earthy hop finish.     4.2%

blue magic (currently gone--back in may)

Lavender cream ale with a light, unobtrusive lavender nose and flavor.   3.8%

luscious Lemon

Bright and aromatic lemon cream ale. Made with real lemon juice and zest.   3.8%

Northern Hawk Owl 

A medium-bodied amber ale with a lovely red hue and a malty nose. Expect notes of caramel and toffee with a clean, not sweet finish.     5.8%

satisfaction esb 

A perfect marriage between malty and hoppy notes. Expect notes of caramel and toast with a mild finish.     6.0%

CEO stoUt

Light-bodied stout w/ espresso from Roaster Jack Coffee Co.   5.5%

CAKE WALK (currently gone--back soon)

Cream ale w/ real Madagascar vanilla bean. Light, not sweet.   3.8% 


Smooth, easy-drinking Red ale. Mild hops.   4.8%


Cream ale. Light.   3.8%


nitro CEO

It's CEO, but with an added smoothness provided by those delightful little nitrogen bubbles.  5.5%    16oz    $7

NItro cake walk 

It's Cake Walk, but creamier!   3.8%   16oz   $7

Also available


Right Brain's very own seltzer, made with all natural ingredients. Current flavor:

SarcastiGirl (Cherry)     ABV 5%     16oz    $5.25

Mead (currently gone--back soon)

Made locally by Acoustic Mead. Currently on hand: Blueberry   ABV 6%     10oz   $7.50

hard cider 

Made by our friends at Tandem Ciders.   ABV 4.5%  16oz   $7.25

right brain pop 

Right Brain sodas made with all natural ingredients.   $3

Current flavor: Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Ginger Ale




Want to taste a few different things? 

Try a sampler Flight:

6 beers (your choice), 6 oz each      $19

$1.00 extra for each Premium Beer
$3.00 extra for each cider or mead