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What's On Tap?

PLease Bring your mask if you intend to enter the pub. we ask that you keep your mask on any time you are not drinking or eating. Our staff appreciates the gesture.


To place an order for curbside pickup
  • go to the "to-go orders" tab to choose your beers and the time you'd like to pick them up
  • call us at 231-944-1239 to order packaged beers, Kegs, or growlers filled with anything from the menu below
updated 2/13/2021

All beers subject to change!


new growlers $29    refills $24        Member refills $9.50

mr peaches

Sour Berliner weisse made with peaches. Fruity with a delicious tang.   4%    12oz    $7

black is beautiful

Slightly sweet Imperial Stout with chocolate notes.    9%    12oz    $7.50

looping owl (currently gone--back soon)

Northern Hawk Owl aged in Grand Traverse Distillery whiskey barrels.  Warming, vanilla, oak.   6.5%   12oz   $8.50

who gose there cherry lime 

Gose made w/salt & lime. Tart and freshing.   5.5%  12oz   $7

deader kettle

Balanced Double IPA with grapefruit notes, ample malt, and a pleasant bitterness. Brewed with Centennial and Citra hops, dry hopped with Citra.     8.5%    12oz    $7

social Probation hazy 

Juicy New England style IPA. Made with Amarillo, Simcoe, Calypso, and local Chinook hops. 7.0%    16oz   $7


Brown ale w/ peanut butter, Thai chili, coconut & lime -- Pad Thai in a glass. A fan favorite!   6.1%   12oz   $7


new growlers $25     refills $20     Member refills $9.50    
Pints $6.50

bonaduce ginger

Dry hopped with fresh ginger for a subtle zing.   5.5%    60 IBU

spiny norman 

Clean, sharp, vibrant. Simcoe hops produce a piney and citrus finish. A staff favorite.   6.2%   58 IBU  

concrete dinosaur  

Brown Rye IPA. Giant notes of rye accented by subtle citrus undertones. Silver Medal Winner for Best Rye Beer at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.    7.2%  60 IBU

ring finger

Session IPA. Easy-drinking, crushable.   3.8%  40 IBU

spinal crusher  

Double IPA w/Calypso & Amarillo hops. Balanced.  7.5%  55 IBU

dead kettle 

Sharp. Clean. Grapefruit.  5.8%  70 IBU


new growlers $20     refills $15      Member refills $9.50 
PInts $6

schrute farms

The deep ruby red color is natural, and so is the delicate pink head. A light nose of caramelized beets evolves into mild tartness on the palate, with a creamy mouthfeel. Made with roasted beets and coriander.    5.8%

naughty girl stout

We don't always use the words "sensual" and "full-bodied," but when we do, it's to describe Naughty Girl Stout. Made with chocolate malt and real peppermint for a cool, chocolaty experience.    5.5%

donut oatmeal stout

No fancy name for this one. It's an outmeal stout, and it's made with donuts from our friends at Peace Love & Little Donuts.  Rich and roasty!    7.5%

blue magic

Lavender cream ale with a light, unobtrusive lavender nose and flavor.   3.8%

chubby Squirrel 

Amber ale with a blend of fall spices, lemon peel, and vanilla.   5.5%

luscious lemon

Bright and aromatic lemon cream ale. Made with real lemon juice and zest.   3.8%

Northern Hawk Owl 

A medium-bodied amber ale with a lovely red hue and a malty nose. Expect notes of caramel and toffee with a clean, not sweet finish.     5.8%

satisfaction esb (currently gone--back soon)

A perfect marriage between malty and hoppy notes. Expect notes of caramel and toast with a mild finish.     6.0%

midnight rendezvous (currently gone--back soon)

A light-bodied dark beer. Very easy to drink with low IBU. Complex malt character and an earthy hop finish.    4.0%

will power pale ale   (currently gone--back soon)

Session pale ale made with local cascade hops. Effervescent, subtle malt, mildly hoppy.   4.2%

CEO stoUt

Light-bodied stout w/ espresso from Roaster Jack Coffee Co.   5.5%


Cream ale w/ real Madagascar vanilla bean. Light, not sweet.   3.8% 


Smooth, easy-drinking Red ale. Mild hops.   4.8%


Cream ale. Light.   3.8%


nitro ginger saskatoon

Cream ale brewed with saskatoon berries (which look like blueberries, but are more closely related to apples...go figure) and ginger root.   3.8%    16oz    $6.50

NItro Ceo

Our CEO Stout made even creamier!   5.5%   16oz   $6.50

Also available

helter seltzer (currently gone--back soon)

Right Brain's very own seltzer. Current flavor: Cherry    ABV 5%   16oz    $6.25


Made locally by Acoustic Mead. Currently on hand: Blueberry  ABV 6%     10oz   $7.25

hard cider 

Made by our friends at Tandem Ciders. Fresh and crisp.  ABV 4.5%  16oz   $7

Mango seltzer smoothie

Carbonated and fruity, similar in taste and texture to a mimosa. Made with real mango. Non-alcoholic.    $4

brain pop  

Right Brain sodas made with all natural ingredients.   $2

Current flavors: Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

Honey Lavender Seltzer Water

hot cocoa

Because it's cold outside.    $2

nitro coldbrew cofFee  

Made with Roaster Jack beans      $2



Want to taste a few different things? 

Try a sampler Flight:

6 beers (your choice), 6 oz each      $19

$1.00 extra for each Premium Beer
$3.00 extra for each cider or mead