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OPENINGS--Now hiring

To apply, e-mail or stop in and pick up an application.

Full-time pub manager
We are in search of a responsible human person with a dynamic personality to manage our pub. Duties include scheduling hours and staff, tending bar, keeping menus and point-of-sale updated, tracking inventory and ordering supplies, coordinating with events and brewery staff, training staff in beer knowledge and serving techniques, Must have the ability to think on your feet and remain calm when dealing with irritating stuff.
full-time assistant brewer

Are you looking for a job that replaces all that time you spend working out? Have we got a deal for you! This job is physical, as it involves cleaning and sanitizing tanks, transferring beer from tank to tank, and ensuring that the brewery is kept clean and organized. That means you'll be lifting heavy things (up to 55 pounds), bending, crouching, kneeling, and standing for extended periods of time. It also involves keeping meticulous records to ensure the integrity and quality of the products you are helping to create. You'll also be assisting with packaging needs on those days when we need to get tasty beverages into bottles and cans. 

part-time bartender

Love beer? Love talking to people? Love the feeling of cold, hard cash in your pocket? We are looking for a few part-time bartenders to work weeknight and weekend shifts. Duties include tending bar, sharing beer knowledge with customers, smiling, washing glasses, cleaning, restocking, and other random duties that pop up.


To apply, e-mail or stop in and pick up an application.

Posted 2/25/2021